Brooklyn Nets in Paris

Brooklyn Nets in Paris
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  • Creative concept
Brooklyn Nets
There’s always been a cultural bridge between the Paris and Brooklyn Way. But it needed a proper celebration.

For the Brooklyn Nets takeover in Paris, on the occasion of the @nba Games 2024, what better place than Sonny's Pizzeria, the most Brooklyn of French pizza places, to host this celebration?

We came up with the concept of the Brooklyn Nets pizzeria, creating a week filled of activations with the Parisian and New York creative communities. Gathered around exclusive parties, merch drop with designer Kidsuper, game watch party, and more, the Brooklyn Nets pizzeria became THE cultural third place to be at, for the NBA Game week.

By promoting the Nets both physically with the pizzeria take over, but also digitally with the creation of a dedicated interactive website, the team strengthened its brand presence on the french ground, linking communities of passionates.

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