Building Paris basketball

Building Paris basketball
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Paris Basket
Paris Basketball, building a brand, a club, from the ground up

2018, we have been paving a way for an unprecedented approach to basketball in France and abroad, with Paris Basketball. Since the club’s American acquisition, YARD has been directing and coordination all comms, brand and marketing decision(s)

We decided to go bold from the very beginning. Going against the established way of thinking of the French market. From local implantation, what we deeply wanted for Paris Basketball was for the club to have a global resonance. Underrepresented, we chose to capitalize on Paris & Grand Paris high energy to elevate the club's image.

To build the club from the ground up, we implemented through our first blue & red jersey and logo a strong vision : "The Parisian brilliance does not always come from its shiniest places."
More than being the only club carrying the city of light in his name, Paris Basketball represents the true light the Grand Paris burns on : the passion, the energy, the talents, the ideas and the flow. So we asserted the 13th arrondissement and the Halle Carpentier as a real cultural epicenter.

On the one end, Paris Basketball needed to be the purest representation of Parisian and Greater Paris basketball. From the show to the flow, with solid energy and creativity on and off the court. On the other end, we wanted to keep on creating bridges with culture and youth, to continue breaking the established codes.

What all started as a cultural study in 2018, led to a new brand positioning and identity for Paris Basketball.
One that enables the club to exist beyond the sport dimension.
One that embeds youth & local codes beyond the French market.
One that resonates with the entire basketball community.

We continue asserting the club's cultural influence and coolness on the daily, by multiplying the brand’s touchpoint. At first online, with the creation of a real community sharing the club's culture and vision. Nurturing a community of loyal fans who advocate for the club and nurture conversations through common cultural codes.

Then we reinforced the club's presence directly on the ground. With fresh new merch, Snipes sponsoring, co-creation with cultural entities and court-side VIPs at every game. We featured french artists like Gazo in our content, signed american rapper Sheck Wes as a pro baller in 2021, and even connected with Travis Scott coming court-side at our games. We brought french basketball to places it never went before. From Accor Arena to Roland Garros, we gathered up to 11 000 people to support Paris Basketball and made the club shine within Paris’ most iconic arenas.
Paris Basketball’s mission is to keep on showcasing the freshest Parisian culture scene in its brand anthems.

To that end, we rolled out a 360° strategy to make Paris Basketball become the first ever professional basketball club in Europe to embody the culture we evolve in. 5 years later, Paris Basketball has become a respected figure not only in Paris, but also abroad and will continue expanding and growing abroad.

In 5 years we created more than a club.
We created a unique energy within the French basketball sphere.
We created a strong connection to the Grand Paris basketball culture.
and most importantly, we created a community of proud supporters that keeps on growing.

With a bright future ahead, Paris Basketball will be as ever unstoppable in 2024 with its new "Spark in the dark" positioning, new jerseys and logo. Kicking-off the season with the high-performance team playing where the biggest NBA Clubs play at : l'AccorArena.
More to come with their new Home Arena at Porte de La Chapelle in 2024


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